Developmental Plans



  • To give easier access/information to all members and non-members alike about our coop in a global scale through the World Wide Web.
  • To give way for Information Technology to rise against conventional practices.
  • To establish a strong IT for SAKO.
  • To innovate a cost-effective on-line election that is reliable, automated, user-friendly and comprehensive.



        To fulfill the dreams of our members in acquiring/securing a motorcycle for business or leisure.

        To help our members lessen their transportation expenses.

        To give employment and increase our members' family income.


  1. Member applicant must be at least three years regular member of SAKO.
  2. Member applicant must have no outstanding balance on maxi loan.
  3. Maximum amount of P75,000 per motorcycle with price quotation from the dealer.
  4. Member applicant cannot avail more than one motorcycle. He/she can apply for another motorcycle loan when the previous loan is already paid.
  5. This is salary deduction and member applicant must pass the 35% take home pay policy.
  6. Member can choose which dealer and motorcycle he wants.
  7. Member must have at least P10,000 fixed deposit.
  8. The maximum term is three years.
  9. Registration, Insurance and other licenses renewal will not be covered by SAKO.
  10. This program is for the motorcycle unit only and any other additions such as body for tricycles and other add-ons will not be included.
  11. The registered name of the unit is under the name of SAKO until such time that the said unit will be fully paid.
  12. Payment issued will be through check under the name of the dealer and not the member at the billed price.

SAKO Gen. Merchandise - 7-Eleven Store Franchise


  • Product diversity
  • To create an income generating program that is beneficial to the coop and its members
  • To increase members' family income
  • To generate employment and productivity of members' dependents
  • To accommodate members' office and school supplies needs and other commodities





  • To accommodate the housing needs of members
  • To create a new loan window for housing equity purposes only
  • To ease the burden of housing equity costs