Company Profile


The Samahang Kooperatiba ng M.Lhuillier Pawnshops' Employees or SAKO as it commonly known to its members was conceptualized on September 1997 and conducted its first ownership meeting with VICTO on December 1997 and was organized and registered with CDA on September 1998. 

The Founder Mrs. Judith Jardeloza Peralta, CPA the former ML VisMin General Manager together with the twenty-five (25) original and founding members raised a total contribution for the Share Capital and generated an amount of Php 26,000.00 at one thousand pesos each. And upon its registration the total Capital Share generated was Php 71,500.00 and it begun its credit services in 1999.

Coop Pledge

As a Filipino,
I am and I believe in the cooperative.
Alone I am weak,
But with others I am strong.
So I commit myself to work,
To cooperate,
For all to be prosperous.
Harmony, industry I will value,
Cooperative affairs I will attend,
Responsibilities I will assume.
The cooperative philosophy I will live.
One vision, one belief, one feeling,
In cooperativism, my life I pledge.
So help me God



"To be an established, strong and sustainable real cooperative owned and managed by God, loving dynamic and loyal members providing effective and relevant services for a happy, dignified and abundant LIFE."


To instill cooperativism as a way of life through continuous education, information and training;

To make SAKO a vehicle for the upliftment of the socio-economic status of members to become productive and loyal ML employees;

To provide effective and appropriate programs and services to members;

To develop entrepreneurial skills and services to the members;

To establish successor generation for sustainable development;

To be actively involved in community development.